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I am quirky and adventurous and artistic, and just an intrinsically joyful human. I write parody songs for my D&D character to sing. I knit for pleasure. I randomly do one-handed cartwheels. I love telling stories and listening to stories and, sometimes, I’m secretly afraid that my own story is too small to really be worth listening to.

Sometimes I think I embrace acting with such passion because it’s a way for me to slip into a different life. To solve the mystery, kiss the boy, or slay the dragon. It is a way for me to use both empathy and imagination to experience a life that is different than my own.

During some much-needed reflection (aided with ice cream, tears, and prayer) I’ve come to a realization. Every story, no matter how large or small it may seem, is important. My story creates a truly unique lens through which I approach my work as an artist.

My experiences as the oldest of three sisters living in rural Virginia make me who I am. Years of raising goats with my parents, living in Spain to study Spanish, singing joyfully around campfires, filming hours of home movies in backyards, talking in different accents with my roommate in the grocery store…they are all a part of me. Casey.

My performances are influenced by my life, and no one else lives my life like I do. No one else tells stories like I do. And the same goes for you, too! Imagine what beautiful things we will create when we put our unique perspectives together.

Oh, what stories we will tell!




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