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Antony and Cleopatra... IN SPACE

Month, YYYY


A live radio play zoom production offers many challenges, but despite the constraints, this project embraced its quirky, imperfect medium and gave me an opportunity to play a title role in a classic tale following a pair of history's most famous lovers.


Knight Time

Month, YYYY

Princess Charlotte (supporting) - Thesis Film

A fascinating story with a script that gave me opportunities to really dig into the glory of subtext, and provide layers of emotion to a lovely character. Also the largest and most comprehensive set I've been on yet! The world created by the location, production design team and wardrobe department are out of this world.


Saint Sebastian

Month, YYYY

Amy (supporting) - Student Film

A lovely little film made in my hometown that addresses the internal struggle a man faces concerning his sexuality and relationship with his new neighbor. A fun, new, challenging aspect to set animals!! My dog Moose made an appearance in this one.


The Art of Being an Okay Person

February, 2020

Mackenzie (Lead)
Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival - Regional finalist

Another successful performance with the New Works Festival at UVA. written by Izzy Ulman and directed by MJ Smith. Described as "quirky and unhinged" but with a heart that is...eventually in the right place, Mackenzie explores what it means to be a "good" person when she becomes an advice giving Uber driver. This role let me explore extremes of emotion, and also the moral ambiguity that fills the spaces between "good" and "bad".


Dead Birds

January, 2020

Ann (Lead)

Written and directed by Bobby Mercer, this project is my first feature length independent film. Ann is a spunky woman and absolutely wonderful to play. The production process tested my endurance, and was an incredibly rewarding. I learned technical elements of film making while also growing in maturity as an actor. This film gave me the opportunity to really explore intention and a variety of emotions in a way shorter projects did not.


She Kills Monsters

November, 2019

Evil Gabbi, Puppeteer (Kobold, Bugbear, Tiamat)

Performed with the University of Virginia Drama Department and directed by Marianne Kubik. Out of all my performances, nothing brought the “wow” factor quite like this one. After spending weeks preparing for this role through rigorous stage combat training, puppetry development and dance choreography, I was so excited to perform with an incredibly close cast. This has been my favorite production yet!


Voices in the Wind

May, 2019

Elanor Joy (Lead)
NOVA Film Fest ARTIST CIRCLE Selection

As one of my first more serious and lengthy film projects, this short holds a special place in my heart. I received so much support from invested coaches who provided me the guidance I needed to elevate my performance. Written and directed by Abraham Chen.


Room 206

April, 2019

Maya (Lead)

Maya was a challenging and beautiful character to embody. Room 206 taught me the strength that can be found within an actor (brought to light thanks to a superb script written and directed by Savannah Hard), and helped me to break out of my more comedic comfort zone.


Like a Fish Out of Water

February, 2019


This was my first real short film experience. A magical realism concept created by my fellow actress Shiki Anderson and executed beautifully by director Raed Gilliam, I was incredibly proud of this short and its message: chase your dreams, no matter how big...or small they may be.

Why am I making this face_ What could possibly be so terrible that I would express with su

Play it Cool

February, 2019

Taylor (Lead)

The New Works Festival at the University of Virginia provides an opportunity for students to write, direct and perform original pieces using drama department facilities. "Play it Cool" written by Ibraham and directed by Tori Meyer was my first straight play, and taught me comedic timing, how to work with challenging text, and the joy of ad libbing.

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